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  • The Examined Life by Bram Levinson


    Bram Levinson

    Bram Levinson

    AuthorYoga & Meditation Teacher Retreat CoordinatorMentor

    Author of The Examined Life (, Bram Levinson is a nationally known yoga and meditation teacher, blogger, mentor and lecturer based in Montreal. He has been on the faculty of multiple festivals and conferences, and his yoga retreats bring students across the globe twice a year, with previous locations including Ravello on the Amalfi Coast, Istanbul, Berlin, Tulum, Santorini, Paros and Mljet in Croatia. Bram will bring students back to Paros in Greece in September 2015.

    Watch out for his second book, A Year in the Light: Daily Spiritual Life Hacks, Intentions and Reminders, being published on November 14, 2015 (available digitally for pre-order on iTunes here:

    Bram is forever grateful to Seane Corn, the Darbys, Jennifer Maagendans, Richard Miller, and Joan Ruvinsky who initially offered illumination on his yogic path. His insights and observations can be followed on his blog connect to the sky at, his website at

Immersing Myself

Posted by bramlevinson on March 30, 2012

I’m in Woodstock, New York on a brilliantly sunny Friday morning, staring at the diffused sunlight pierce through the natural cotton drapes covering the windows in my room. The sounds of life in the house where I’m staying are starting to become more frequent as one by one, the others staying here with me wake up and go through their daily morning rituals.

We’ve all come down here together from Montreal to participate in the Jivamukti Immersion Weekend with Jivamukti creators Sharon Gannon and David Life. Some of us here have already spent time with them in past immersion programs and in their annual teacher training, but this is a first for me. After hearing about them, reading their insight and teachings, and occasionally subbing for a Jiva teacher, I am filled with a real sense of excitement and anticipation at not only being on the cusp of receiving their teachings first-hand, but I’m just happy to be experiencing their energy in person. As I wrote about in a 2011 post (Guises of the Guru), a fellow teacher and friend Dawn Bailey had told me about how simply being in the same orbit as Sharon and David’s energy elevated her own energy, and so it’s with real joy that I now roll off the bed and let my footsteps bring me towards an experience that I’m sure will influence my teachings, my interpretation of the world around me, and my overall frame of reference. I’ll be coming back here all weekend to share my experiences with you all, so stay tuned!


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