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  • The Examined Life by Bram Levinson


    Bram Levinson

    Bram Levinson

    Author, Yoga Teacher, Retreat Coordinator, Mentor

    Author of The Examined Life (, Bram Levinson is a nationally known yoga and meditation teacher, blogger, mentor and lecturer based in Montreal. He has been on the faculty of the Montreal & Burlington Yoga Festivals, as well as multiple Wanderlust Yoga Festivals. His yoga retreats bring students across the globe 2-3 times a year, with previous locations including Istanbul, Berlin, Tulum, Santorini, Paros and Mljet in Croatia. 2015 will see Bram bring students to Ravello on the Amalfi Coast and back to Paros in Greece. Bram is forever grateful to Seane Corn, the Darbys, Jennifer Maagendans, Richard Miller, and Joan Ruvinsky who initially offered illumination on his yogic path. His insights and observations can be followed on his blog connect to the sky at, his website at


Author of The Examined Life (, Bram is a nationally renowned yoga teacher, mentor and retreat organizer and leader with past retreats including Santorini & Paros, Istanbul, Berlin, Tulum and Mljet in Croatia. He is an iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Trained Teacher and makes it his intention to create space for others to examine their own lives and make clear, deliberate choices to move closer to happiness and contentment.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Barbara said

    I watched the news last night and in a passing comment the news anchor made note of hundreds of earthquake-and-tsunami-weary japanese citizens lining up two-by-two at a bus stop, patiently waiting for the lone bus that could take them into the bigger cities of Japan (and away from the wreckage on northeastern coast).
    Inevitably, the new anchor moved on to more dramatic and depressing things, but that comment really stuck with me. These people who have no worldly possessions, people who have lost everything, could be panicking, looting, and god knows what else, but they are choosing to line up outside clinics, shelters, and even bus stops, seemingly resolute in their desire to recover as a community instead of bowing to their individual despair.
    I find that inspiring…

  2. Bram,
    What can I say – you have painted us larger than life!
    We do the best we can for the ones we love – and you are one of our loved ones.

  3. i'm hot but i'm human said

    Thanks for the follow Bram! I look forward to hopefully connecting with you at Wanderlust in Trembant!

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